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Pictured: Non-Magnetic Watch Co. of America Enamel Dial The business operation of the Geneva Non-Magnetic Watch Company in Switzerland was more complex than most American watch factories. Production spanned several factories, with many different companies working together to manufacture the non-magnetic watches for the American...
Pictured: “Paillard’s Non-Magnetic Balances” Illustrations (Theodore Gribi), Western Electrician, September 22, 1888 After non-magnetic watches and anti-magnetic shields were introduced to the market in the 1880s, the industry was flooded with experiments testing the effectiveness of these new innovations in the presence of magnetism.  In...
Pictured: Geneva Non-Magnetic Watch Company Advertisement, Electrical Review, September 3, 1887 In February 1887, General advertisements for the Geneva Non-Magnetic Watch Company began appearing in the United States. However, most of these promotions did not include illustrations. The advertisements that were more illustrative only featured...
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