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Pictured: “Our $1,000 Challenge” Burlington Watch Company Catalog, c.1911. The time-keeping challenge presented to the Elgin and Waltham factories by the Burlington Watch Company was not a novel concept, despite the company leveraging the prospect of an open competition. The original challenge was issued by...
Pictured: “War On Trust Methods,” Burlington Watch Company Catalog, c.1911. Starting with the first advertisements promoting the “Burlington Special” in 1908, the Burlington Watch Company lauded their stance against the “watch trust,” prominently including the headline, “Fighting the Trust.” During this era, several large watch...
Pictured: Burlington Special Fancy Glass Enamel Dial, c.1916 [Image Credit: Reddit User “IWasRightOnce”] While early “Burlington Special” watches were furnished with two standard dial options, surviving examples provide evidence that the Burlington Watch Company also sold watches with alternative dials. Since these dials were not...
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