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Author: Nathan Moore

Nathan Moore is a historian of American horology, avid watch collector, and the creator of the Pocket Watch Database. He enjoys researching the stories behind the watches manufactured by the American watch factories and the people that built the industry.
Pictured: U.S. Navy Fleet, c.1911 Burlington Watch Company Catalog The United States Naval fleet gained national attention after completing the “1908 World’s Cruise,” showcasing the strength and prowess of the U.S. Navy. As early as 1910, the Burlington Watch Company began leveraging the notoriety of...
Pictured: “$1,000 Burlington Challenge” Burlington Watch Company Catalog, c.1911. To further position the “Burlington Watch” against the watches offered by the largest watch factories in America, the Burlington Watch Company issued an open challenge to Elgin and Waltham to “prove their watches [were] equal in...
Pictured: “War On Trust Methods,” Burlington Watch Company Catalog, c.1911. Starting with the first advertisements promoting the “Burlington Special” in 1908, the Burlington Watch Company lauded their stance against the “watch trust,” prominently including the headline, “Fighting the Trust.” During this era, several large watch...
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