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Illinois Watch Company

Pictured: “Burlington Special” Whimsical Dial Variants Compared [Variant 2 Image Courtesy of Pocket Watch Database Contributor “ngleasonmke”] Two distinct variants of the standard whimsical “Burlington Special” dial were furnished on early watches sold by the Burlington Watch Company. Both variants feature the familiar hour figures...
Pictured: Burlington Special Standard Dial, c.1908 During the early evolution of the “Burlington Special” watch, the Burlington Watch Company offered customers a small selection of dial options. The standard “Burlington Special” dial was produced as a double-sunk enamel dial featuring whimsical hour numerals with curly...
Pictured: Burlington Special “Two Swiss Features” Burlington Watch Company Catalog, c.1911. Despite being manufactured in America, the Burlington Watch Company noted two Swiss features of the “Burlington Special” in their c.1911 catalog: “Two Swiss Features. Two Swiss features are used in the Burlington Special. While...
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