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Sea Foam Green Fancy Elgin Dial with Gold Embellishments, c.1880s According to original enamel recipes, the colors on this fancy enamel dial were likely originally produced with Copper Oxide, Chromic Oxide, Protoxide of Iron, Protoxide of Cobalt, Silicate of Cobalt, and Safflower. Enjoy!
Pictured: Burlington Special Dial Options, c.1915 Burlington Watch Company Catalog. With the introduction of the new Grade 106 Burlington Special, the Burlington Watch Company also updated the dial options offered to customers. The whimsical “Burlington Special” dial featuring hour figures with curly flourishes was discontinued...
Pictured: Burlington Special Montgomery Dial, c.1914 During the early evolution of the “Burlington Special” watch, the Burlington Watch Company offered customers a small selection of dial options. Around 1910, the company introduced the Montgomery “Burlington Special” dial, produced as a double-sunk enamel dial featuring marginal...
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