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Sea Foam Green Fancy Elgin Dial with Gold Embellishments, c.1880s According to original enamel recipes, the colors on this fancy enamel dial were likely originally produced with Copper Oxide, Chromic Oxide, Protoxide of Iron, Protoxide of Cobalt, Silicate of Cobalt, and Safflower. Enjoy!
Pictured: Non-Magnetic Watch Co. of America Enamel Dial The business operation of the Geneva Non-Magnetic Watch Company in Switzerland was more complex than most American watch factories. Production spanned several factories, with many different companies working together to manufacture the non-magnetic watches for the American...
Pictured: “Burlington Special” Whimsical Dial Variants Compared [Variant 2 Image Courtesy of Pocket Watch Database Contributor “ngleasonmke”] Two distinct variants of the standard whimsical “Burlington Special” dial were furnished on early watches sold by the Burlington Watch Company. Both variants feature the familiar hour figures...
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