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Private Label Trade Names on American Pocket Watches: “Burlington Watch Co.” Part 76: Burlington Watch Production Estimates

Burlington Watch Co. U.S.A. Marking
Pictured: Burlington Watch Co. U.S.A. Marking

Babson Bros. successfully sold watches under the Burlington Watch Company name via mail-order for two decades. Many of the movements were produced from grades at the Illinois Watch factory that were also shared by other private labels. 

As a result, estimated production totals for the Burlington Special watches are difficult to determine with certainty. The grades associated with other private labels can only be estimated based on known examples and logical extrapolation. 

The production totals below represent the known or recorded runs featuring movements marked for the Burlington Watch Company. As more surviving examples are recorded, these production figures are expected to rise and should be considered the floor. The current estimated percentage of mixed production is noted when relevant to provide context related to total possible within a particular grade classification.

Grade 173 (16-Size, 15 Jewels, c.1907)
Runs: 1
Estimated Total Production: 200

Grade 174 (16-Size, 19 Jewels, c.1907-1910)
Runs: 15
Estimated Total Production: 9,370 (17.2%)

Grade Sangamo (16-Size, 21 Jewels, c.1907)
Runs: 1
Estimated Total Production: 100

Grade 185 (16-Size, 19 Jewels, c.1909-1913)
Runs: 50
Estimated Total Production: 35,980 (63.9%)

Grade 37 (0-Size, 17 Jewels, c.1909-1915)
Runs: 11
Estimated Total Production: 5,950 (17.9%)

Grade 274 (12-Size, 19 Jewels, c.1911-1922)
Runs: 25
Estimated Total Production: 14,260 (16.9%)

Grade 805* (16-Size, 19 Jewels, c.1912-1914)
Runs: 28
Estimated Total Production: 16,070

Grade 106* (16-Size, 19 Jewels, c.1914-1916)
Runs: 60
Estimated Total Production: 43,330

Grade 36 (3/0-Size, 17 Jewels, c.1916-1919)
Runs: 7
Estimated Total Production: 3,800 (43.7%)

Grade 107* (16-Size, 21 Jewels, c.1916-1929)
Runs: 80
Estimated Total Production: 94,100

Grade 275 (12-Size, 21 Jewels, c.1917-1920)
Runs: 34
Estimated Total Production: 43,300 (78.4%)

Grade 108* (16-Size, 21 Jewels, c.1916-1921)
Runs: 27
Estimated Total Production: 27,100

Henry Moser Burlington (16-Size, 21 Jewels, c.1928-1929)
Unknown Production

* Exclusive “Burlington Watch Co.” Grade

A few small runs represented as “Burlington Watch Co.” private labels exist in factory records but are not considered standard Burlington grades: Grade 176 (190), Grade 406 (2,000), Grade 806 (900), Grade 908 (100), Grade 904 (700).

Accounting for all the known and recorded runs featuring Burlington Watch Company movements, the estimated total production at the time of this article rests at 297,420.

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