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Top Ten 16-Size Watches That Increased the Most in Value in 2023


In this article, we will cover the top ten 16-Size American pocket watches that increased the most in value last year, according to the value guide on the Pocket Watch Database.

Because wider fluctuations are expected for watches that do not sell as often, we will only be evaluating the year-over-year change for watches that have 250+ recorded sales, have value estimates above $150, and are within 25% of the estimated value at the end of 2022. Estimated values are all statistically derived from actualized sales.

By the nature of this scope, we are focusing on more common 16-Size watches that are readily available on the market.

When evaluating and discussing value, it is always important to note that actualized sale prices are influenced by far more variables than can be distilled into a single “valuation” figure, including overall condition, originality, sales venue, buyer audience, marketing efforts, time of day, quality of the listing, service history, and unique features that make certain watches more desirable such as marking variants, dials, and cases. Estimated values should only be considered as a general guide, and the market will determine the final value of any given watch at the time of a sale.

1. Illinois A. Lincoln (16-Size, Model 9, 21 Jewels)

Value Increase: 20.4%
Current Estimated Value (Average, Working Condition): $237

2. Waltham No. 645 (16-Size, Model 1899, 19 Jewels)

Value Increase: 17.1%
Current Estimated Value (Average, Working Condition): $226

3. Hamilton 972 (16-Size, Model 1, 17 Jewels)

Value Increase: 11.5%
Current Estimated Value (Average, Working Condition): $155

4. Hamilton 992 (16-Size, Model 1, 21 Jewels)

Value Increase: 9.4%
Current Estimated Value (Average, Working Condition): $219

5. Elgin 372 B.W. Raymond (16-Size, Model 15, 19 Jewels)

Value Increase: 7.8%
Current Estimated Value (Average, Working Condition): $220

6. Illinois Sangamo (16-Size, Model 5, 21 Jewels)

Value Increase: 7.5%
Current Estimated Value (Average, Working Condition): $383

7. Illinois Bunn Special (16-Size, Model 11, 23 Jewels)

Value Increase: 7.5%
Current Estimated Value (Average, Working Condition): $620

8. Waltham No. 1623 (16-Size, Model 1908, 23 Jewels)

Value Increase: 6.4%
Current Estimated Value (Average, Working Condition): $250

9. Illinois Bunn Special (16-Size, Model 14, 21 Jewels)

Value Increase: 7.5%
Current Estimated Value (Average, Working Condition): $369

10. Illinois 806 (16-Size, Model 9, 21 Jewels)

Value Increase: 5.8%
Current Estimated Value (Average, Working Condition): $274


  1. I am not a watch collector but I do have a couple of old watches that Were given to me several years ago. What is the best way to sell them at a fair price?

    • All the average value estimates are statistically derived from actualized sales during 2023. Perhaps the market has moved without you.

  2. I have my dad‘s watch collection and I am trying to find a way to have them priced. I think I have 36 from the Illinois to the Waltham and several other different names. Where can I go to get them checked for the price?

    • Estimated values for most American pocket watches are available as a perk for supporters on the Pocket Watch Database. Just enter the serial number from the movement, select the proper manufacturer, and then click “Value” on the lookup result page.

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