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Abraham Lincoln’s Waltham Wm. Ellery Watch: Stolen.

My article exploring Abraham Lincoln’s missing Waltham pocket watch has been featured at The American. With my interest in Lincoln and American horology, this was a perfect project to work on during the past few months. This historic watch is still out there somewhere, so be on the lookout. Enjoy.



  1. I have 9 pocket watches that I inherited and just beginning to examine. Mainly Waltham and Elgin. The interiors are more interesting than the cases! The level of detail is extraordinary and goes beyond functionality. They are true works of art.

    I’m looking for a way to determine when the watches were made.

    Thanks very much,

  2. Wasn’t Lincoln’s watch used in the movie about him several years ago? I believe it was noted that his actual watch was as a real prop instead of a fake or stand in. Daniel D. Lewis held it his hands during a scene. Is that when it disappeared or after it was returned to it’s owner? Very interesting article.

  3. The watch at the Smithsonian Is, in fact, a Lincoln pocket watch. It Is , however, a watch presented to Lincoln at a later occassion. The Wm Ellery Waltham Model 1857 is best known for its “secret inscription” on the movement itself and is purported to have been Lincolns’ EDC.

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