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Breguet Hairspring and Balance from Elgin No. 239 Veritas


Excerpt from Elgin’s 1901 “The Watch Word is Elgin: Timemakers and Timekeepers” promotional booklet, describing the features of the hairspring in the new “Veritas” model:

“All hairsprings used in the “Veritas” model – as well as in all other Elgin movements – have the Breguet overcoil, which prevents accidental quickening of the balance. Each Elgin hairspring is formed by an expert workman for the individual movement in hand at the time, assuring an absolute fitting to the temperament of the watch it is to serve. The overcoiling of the spring, after tempering and hardening, permits a scrupulous examination that is precluded by the time-saving expedient of tempering and hardening in form by mechanical process.”The Watch Word is Elgin: Timemakers and Timekeepers, 1901

Pictured: Hairspring and Balance from Elgin No. 239 Veritas – 18-Size, Model 8, 21 Jewels, c.1902, Serial No. 9348026

The full promotional booklet introducing the Model 8 grades can be viewed in its entirety online: https://pocketwatchdatabase.com/guide/company/elgin/catalogs/elgin-watch-co-timemakers-and-timekeepers-c.1904


      • I love it too. I’m very surprised that in this day and age, that there is no company reproducing hairsprings and complete balances, such as these.
        With YouTube and the up tick in vintage watch desirability, i think the market is there….. or am I wrong?

        • I think there is definitely a market, but it would be rather small. The number of resources and amount of money required to make modern replacement parts would not likely be profitable enough for a venture to pursue.

  1. new to this site, I’m looking for any info showing how the setting parts of an Elgin 18-S 11J are reassembled. it was mfg. 1887 and the grade 102 class 5. appreciate any help you might be able to give. Mike R

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