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Pictured: “Rockford Watch Co. Seeks Injunction Against Mail-order House.” The Keystone, February 1910. In January 1910, the Rockford Watch Company accused the Lincoln Watch & Jewelry Company of advertising watches in company catalogs without proper authorization. During the previous year, Rockford had changed its policy...
Pictured: Burlington Watch Company Price List Comparison, c.1911 Burlington Watch Company Catalog (Left) and c.1923 Burlington Watch Company Catalog (Right). By the time the c.1923 Burlington Watch Catalog was distributed, the company had raised prices dramatically compared to the c.1911 catalog. The standard 16-Size Burlington...
Pictured: Burlington Special Dial Options, c.1915 Burlington Watch Company Catalog. With the introduction of the new Grade 106 Burlington Special, the Burlington Watch Company also updated the dial options offered to customers. The whimsical “Burlington Special” dial featuring hour figures with curly flourishes was discontinued...
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