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Dissection of Elgin’s Patented Recoiling Click

When the new “Veritas Model” was launched in 1901, each movement was equipped with George Hunter’s patented recoiling click. This design was originally introduced with the 16-Size “Model 1895” and was already in use on several Elgin models.

The recoiling click permits the ratchet wheel to rotate in a singular direction, allowing the mainspring to be coiled inside the barrel while the watch is being wound. The recoiling action provides the benefit of releasing a small amount of tension after the watch is fully wound, effectively reducing friction within the tightly-coiled mainspring.

The simple design consists of two functional components: the click and the click spring. The spring applies pressure to the click in order to “lock” each tooth on the ratchet wheel while passing by the click.

The click design also offers a convenient way for watchmakers to let down the mainspring prior to disassembly.

Patent Recoiling Click From Elgin No. 240 B.W. Raymond – 18-Size, Model 8, 19 Jewels, c.1910, Serial No. 14652533


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