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Elgin’s “Vertias Model” Dial is Slightly Smaller Than Standard 18-Size Dial


When the “Veritas Model” was being designed, it was decided that the dials would measure slightly smaller in diameter than the standard 18-Size dials the Elgin National Watch Company fitted on other movements.

One of the immediate benefits is that the smaller dial could fit closer to the pillar plate, allowing for a slightly thinner movement.

Interestingly, in the 1927 Material Catalog lists the Veritas Model dials as “18s ¾,” implying that the dials are larger than a standard 18-Size dial. However, the dials applied to the earlier 18-Size models measure approximately 45.0-45.8mm while the “Veritas Model” dials measure approximately 44.7-44.9mm.

To accommodate the screws securing the barrel bridge, the dial foot locations are slightly different than other 18-Size models. This adaptation also prevents dials from easily being interchanged between the other models.

Pictured: Dial Comparison, 18-Size “Veritas Model” Dial vs. 18-Size Model 5 Dial


  1. Thanks for posting this information as I had no idea there was this difference in the locations of the dial feet
    with the Veritas. I wonder if this true of all the 18s 3/4 plate Elgins.

    • Paul – Yes, indeed. These dials will fit the 18-Size Model 8 (Open Face) and Model 9 (Hunting) movements. The other 18-Size models have different dial feet locations.

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