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Patent Self-Locking Setting Device on Elgin’s “Veritas Model”

Like the new generation of 12-Size and 0-Size movements recently introduced by the Elgin National Watch Company, the “Veritas Model” was also fitted with what the company described as the “patent self-locking setting device.” 

This innovation is derived from the 1897 patent by Charles P. Corliss, originally applied to the 16-Size “Model 1895.” While the patent documentation describes the mechanism with a pendant-set configuration, the essence of the locking device – consisting of the clutch and spring around the stem – was adapted to operate with a lever for the “Veritas Model.”

This new setting mechanism represents the first departure from the traditional “rocking bar” design that had been used in the 18-Size models since the company first introduced stem-winding movements in the 1870s.

Pictured: Clutch Mechanism from Elgin B.W. Raymond, Model 8, Serial No. 15644486

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