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Coiled Mainspring from Elgin No. 214 Veritas


Excerpt from Elgin’s 1901 “The Watch Word is Elgin: Timemakers and Timekeepers” promotional booklet, describing the features of the mainspring in the new “Veritas” model:

“The mainspring itself is one third wider, one half longer than found in other watches of the same size. It is made of the finest steel, oil tempered, hand rubbed, and for these reasons, as well as because of its great width, it is proportionately thinner for a given strength, and almost unbreakable. Such a spring imparts at the end of thirty-six hours the same even, but powerful, impulse to the extra heavy balance wheel that it received at first winding. The almost inappreciable, but fatal, loss of time from failure to wind at a fixed hour within the day is thus prevented.

The enormous reserve force from one winding is the most striking characteristic of the “Veritas” model, and from this point of view it is different from every other watch.   Should a trip extend over the usual winding time for an ordinary watch, and duties divert the memory, the “Veritas” would have eighteen hours remaining to the credit of the extra long spring, and there would be but the slightest chance of the watch running down.”The Watch Word is Elgin: Timemakers and Timekeepers, c.1901

The full promotional booklet introducing the Model 8 grades can be viewed in its entirety online:

Pictured: Elgin No. 214 Veritas – 18-Size, Model 8, 23 Jewels, c.1902, Serial No. 9542842

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