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Pictured: “Ajax Insulators” Advertisement, The Jewelers’ Circular, August 3, 1898. As electricity was being adopted across the globe in the 1880s, the watch industry was met with the challenge of magnetism from electromagnetic fields.  When the delicate hairspring, balance, and steel parts of the watch...
Pictured: Paillard’s Palladium Balance and Hairspring Charles-Auguste Paillard was granted a patent in the United States for his palladium alloy compensation balance on March 8, 1887. The remaining patents issued to Paillard were for general palladium alloys of different mixtures.  While Paillard briefly implies practical...
Pictured: C.A. Paillard’s Palladium Hairspring English Patent #6367. In the late 1870s, after a decade of experimentation, Charles-Auguste Paillard successfully developed a palladium alloy that was immune to corrosion, featured elasticity similar to steel, and did not significantly expand or contract when introduced to temperature...
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